A Best Buy Adventure

I went down to the new Best Buy in town yesterday … what a nuthouse! The only reason I was there was for autographs from Andy Fantuz (I think that crooked smile might be permanent) and Darian Durant of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. And not even for me, but for little P&E. I picked up a cap and got the peak signed, but I’m not sure I cared.

The nuthouse part about it was that the autograph signing didn’t start ’til 13:00h, and even when we got there at about 10:15h, we were already 75th in line! There were a bunch of door prizes and daily specials that were only available to the first few people in line, and there were probably close to 300 people in line by the time the doors opened at 11:00h.

We wandered around for bit to see what was up, but the place was packed! And people were buying all kinds of things they didn’t need. The best was people in some kind of small hatchback trying to cram a 50″ TV into the back!

Anywho, we got wristbands and didn’t have to stay in line (although we had to be back in line around noon), so we were only in the sun for about three hours, rather than four. But we were able to get away for lunches and potty breaks.