A big move

So, we had a big announcement at work yesterday, we’re moving. At the time, it didn’t sound like a big deal, but the more I think about it, the worse it gets. It means an extra 15-20 minute commute for me (each way). It’s not a big thing, but an extra 40 minutes out of my day might wear thin after a while. My concern is for all the people who drive who’ll now be paying a minimum $100 extra each month. I don’t know too many people sitting on an extra c-note every month just waiting to drop it on parking. Plus, the commute is at least another 30 minutes for most drivers; more depending on where they’re coming from. My colleague will likely be on the road another 45 minutes, because she has to come through town to drop her kids at school.

I asked what support was being offered to employees who would be unable to make the move. Answer: none. Too bad, so sad. The excuse was made that the new location is at a major transit hub (TTC, GO, VIVA) and there is plenty of parking in the area. No mention was made that the location is not on a major freeway and that parking is 400-500% more expensive. They played up the fact that there are all kinds of new career opportunities available at the new location. Except the opportunities have always been available; had I wanted one, I would be there already. They downplayed any loss of jobs. Sure, for now. But they’re consolidating a varied 200-person department that will certainly develop some economies of scale once they’re all in the same location.

It really upsets me that they’re playing this so casually. “We’re just picking up and moving. It’s no big deal. Nothing else will change, just the location.” They seem to have completely disregarded the impact on the employees, which says to me that they don’t care. “Can’t come with? See ya!” It’s not like, for example, Saskatoon, where a move of this distance means a move across town, and means a commute of an extra 10-15 minutes (or less). Plus, many people drive across town everyday anyway. When the difference is 30-45 minutes, on top of an 1.5 hour commute, the difference is enormous. And parking in Saskatoon is entirely reasonable, not $125 a month. And traffic is generally pretty decent. Hmmm, maybe it’s time to go back.