A few changes

Okay, so I’ve changed up the site a bit. I’ve moved the original Blog post to a section called Editorials. This section will contain the “Man, you won’t believe this …!” posts, with responses like “Dude, I know! Like this one time (at band camp) …!”

You can post responses to either. I plan to maintain both.

Okey Dokey, let me post something now … My buddy gwildor, his girlfriend trikie and I play a game called Settlers of Catan. In fact, we played a game last night, and as usual gwildor kicked ass. It a cool game with a board that is built using specific tiles, but in a random order… so the game’s a little different every time. Each tile is for a resource, you collect resources to build roads, settlements and cities. So gwildor was online looking for some info on the game and found a dude who had done some crazy work on the 2-dimensional, paper tiles … now that’s is a guy with too much time on his hands!

That’s it, see ya later …