Almost boycotting

Some of you may know my boycott of McDonald’s for discontinuing one of their breakfast sandwiches—ongoing now for about 4 years. Well, I almost ended up boycotting Zellers yesterday.

Saturday, I bought a shirt—a nice Stanfield’s waffle-pattern, long-sleeved, thermal undershirt. The package had an “L/G” sticker on it. I own a large Stanfield’s waffle-pattern, long-sleeved, thermal undershirt, so I didn’t feel the need to try this one on, or to examine it any more closely. When I got home and took it out of the package, the tag showed “XL/TG”. Not usually a big deal, but the Zellers location is closing and “all sales final” signs are posted all over the store.

I went back to the store to see if I could at least exchange the shirt. But since the store is closing, the stock is pretty well picked over. I found another shirt with an “L/G” sticker and with a little squashing I found it also had an “XL/TG” tag. So I went to Customer Service to see what else I could do.

“All sales final,” the snippy, young clerk told me.

“I bought a large, and the package shows I bought a large, but the shirt is extra-large. How can I be responsible for what’s in the package?”

“You should have opened it and checked.”

“So I can open any package in the store to make sure it contains what I want? DVD players, potato chips?”

“Well, no.”

“So how was I supposed to know that what I was buying was not what I wanted?”

“Fine. I can give you a gift card for the purchase price.”

Man, why didn’t you just do it in the first place?