April already?

April fool’s? No thanks. But it was Shuttergirl’s big 3-0 — party, party, party! A gang of folks went for dosa in Rexdale, then headed down to the Magpie Café (sorry, I couldn’t find better links). I met up with them at The Magpie. It has none of the usual beers, sticking mostly with local microbrews, like Mill St., Denisons and Black Oak, and Belgian imports. All very flavourful and tasty, but all that flavour makes them pretty heavy. I was fairly bloated after only 4 pints. And the price was right, between $5.50 and $6.50 for good, local brews; not significantly more than other premium brands anywhere else. Good times!

Oh, yeah, and I’m almost convinced that the Rrroll Up the Rim contest is a giant scam. I’m not sure if I’m completely up-to-date, I may have missed a couple of coffees, but I defnitely haven’t missed any wins, and I’m at least 2 wins behind this time last year. I’m not impressed. I think I may just bring some ground coffee and a small French press and make my own coffee at work.