Back in business

Sorry for the huge delay here, kids, but I’ve been laid up with bronchitis and busy with some other stuff. The bronchitis is generally under control, with the help of some delicious antibiotics. The other stuff was working out sort of well, until it all fell apart.

About the other stuff, I had a verbal agreement, not a contract exactly, with a company to be their webmaster. Yay! Full-time work! The work was quite intensive, much more so than my last job as web publisher, which is saying something, because web publishing was a ridiculous amount of work! Unfortunately, they fired me, sort of, because there was no contract, so they just said, “Thanks anyway, off you go.” I didn’t argue and was not given much of a reason, but I can piece it together. I think they thought I wasn’t progressing as quickly as they would have liked. And, at the same time, I wasn’t receiving the training I would’ve liked.

The current webmaster (I’ll call him WM) has been doing the job for three years on his own. Nothing has been documented and nothing is organized. WM doesn’t seem to feel that documentation is worth his time, which was fine because I like documenting. Except that he also doesn’t seem to feel that training is worth his time either, which is a bit of a hindrance to learning. In explaining anything, he would jump from one subject to another, from one system to another, and never really get into real detail about any one thing. As well, he would change tactics mid-lesson (if it could ever be called a lesson), first walking me through a system and letting me make copious notes, then having me do some things, at which point my note-taking stopped. Because there is no other documentation, my notes were crucial to learning and there were woefully incomplete.

In any case, it’s over, and that’s pretty much fine by me. I billed several hours at a very reasonable rate and I still work at the SB, so still earning an income.