Bill Gates unleashes malaria

I was looking for a sensational headline for this post, did it work?

Apparently, Bill Gates released a jar of mosquitoes into the audience at the Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference (TED). His message was about the threat of malaria and that “[t]here is no reason only poor people should be infected.” I love it!

For a guy who seemed intent on taking over the world and forcing it to bow to the dominance of his computer operating system, this is pretty clever and quite humanitarian. To be fair, I don’t think anyone (outside of malaria-prone areas) really has an idea of the magnitude, and the cost, of the problem.

When I went to Africa almost 15 years ago, I took malaria medication with me. I had to start it before I left and continue for a couple of weeks after I got back. I’m pretty sure that’s not an option for people who live there all the time.

Bill Gates, for once, good on ya!