Blues Traveler

Album cover: Four (Blues Traveler, 1994)

Four (Blues Traveler, 1994)

When I was in Toronto last week for some much-needed rest and relaxation, I popped into the bookstore where my good buddy works. I was wearing my Blue Rodeo 25 Years t-shirt. My buddy, clearly joking, asked, “Oh, Blue Rodeo? I’ve never heard of them. Tell me a little about them.” Before I could say anything much, one of the other staff members said, “Oh, yeah, Hook, that’s one of theirs.” I don’t know this guy, so I didn’t know if he was taking the piss; I’m thinking, “Umm, that’s Blues Traveler. Does he know that?” But almost right away he says, “Oh, no, that’s Blues Traveler.” I still don’t know if he was kidding, but if I had, I would’ve found it pretty damn funny.

In honour of this rather amusing situation, this week’s instalment of Music Monday is Blues Traveler‘s 1995 classic, Hook,* from their widely popular album, Four. There’s no cover here, except maybe this lip sync battle. For comparison, the second track is Blue Rodeo‘s single, _Better Off As We Are, which was released around the same time as Hook.