Crackers on a Plane

Up in the air, the junior Birdsmen! Up in the air, upside down! Alrighty, here I am in the plane. I was on a Westjet flight this time last year and they had fancy video screens in all the headrests, so I had a little TV all to myself. What do I get on this piece of shite? A sign staring me in the face, mocking me and the $600 I spent on this flight, “Coming soon to a this space in front of you: a digital audio/video system YOU can control.” Yay! But what about for right now, fuckheads? There’s not even the lame in-flight audio loops.

Although, I will say, the flight was scheduled to depart at 19:45 ET and at 19:45 ET we were pulling away from the gate. Jolly good show!

Update (21:12 CT): We were scheduled to arrive at 21:15 CT, and here we are, 3 minutes early!