Dating Tips

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This post is just for fun. I stumbled across some How Stuff Works posts about dating and decided to share some thoughts with you. I don’t discuss it really at all, but I’ve been on a handful of first and second dates over the past few months. And I’ve now been dating a very nice woman for a little over three months.

The posts that I read?

I’m not sure I have a top ten list of first date tips, but the ones in the article have should work. If you combine number six (conversation) with the 10 Questions article, you probably have something. But you definitely need to make sure you follow number five (good listener) if you’re going to ask a ton of questions. Tip number two (body language) is a good tip for all occasions, not just dates; I’m especially conscious of it in business situations. And definitely keep tips nine and ten in mind when planning the date. I’ve been on a few dating sites where people have suggested as a first date: “something awesome, surprise me!” But something awesome can easily be embarrassing (faux pas nine), and almost certainly will make for a lack of conversation.

All in all, the tips are good, but not perfect; the questions are really good; the faux pas are definitely something to keep in mind, but they’re not the only things you can mess up (e.g., meeting up with obnoxious friends, getting drunk when out for drinks); and the warning signs are good, but I’m sure there are other signs you’ll encounter (I can’t think of any right this minute).

If you’re on the dating scene and looking for pointers, check out the articles. If you have any further advice, I’d love to hear it!