Distillery Jazz Festival

Alright, I meant to post this yesterday, but, well, I didn’t. Wednesday night was my journey to the Distillery District to witness one night of the Distillery Jazz Festival. I was thoroughly impressed by the location: the Distillery District is the renovated Gooderham and Worts distillery (more), with restaurants, cafés, art galleries and art studios. Interestingly enough, it houses the Mill Street Brewery … hmmm, back to its roots? I enjoyed an excellent Balzac’s Blend coffee at Balzac’s, then a fine pint of Coffee Porter from the Mill St. Brewery. It was a great place for a jazz festival … it would be equally great for any kind of outdoor festival, like the Fringe or a busker’s festival. There’s some dance studios and great, big open auditoria for concerts or plays or what-have-you. And the jazz, well, you’ll have to read the review … it’s a little biased since I was specifically there for 2 of the shows, done by friends of mine.

I’m still fighting with my computers … my trusty little IBM is doing overtime as a web surfing machine … boy, is it slow!! I’m pretty sure my original computer is toast, it just makes some beeping noises when it starts up and never boots completely. The new one is fantastic, I’ve never seen a computer boot so fast!! I think I’ll pick up a new motherboard and some DDR RAM tonight and see if I can use the old processor to get the original computer going again …