Excellent spicy chicken

WOW! Sunday already? What have I done with my week? Oh, yeah, now I remember … busy, busy!

I was over to h! is for Hulk’s place for dinner Wednesday … Fantastic! He cooked up some excellent spicy chicken with red peppers, tofu with eggplant, and Chinese broccoli … did I mention h! is Chinese? Yeah, well, he is. After dinner I tried to help him fix his computer .. no luck. I really don’t know what’s up. His DVD burner burns data and movie DVDs, and plays them back. It won’t recognize data CD-Rs, but is fine with CD-RWs. But the discs burned with the DVD-burner don’t read in his other DVD-ROM drive … I couldn’t figure it out.

My bartending class finished Thursday, but I still have the final exam to write. I can write it any time I want. The instructor said he’s had people come back 3 years later to write the test. So I guess I’ve got some time to study, if I need it. is almost ready for a grand opening. I spent most of Friday night writing javascript for the new account request form. I finally got the logic and the math worked out.

And, last night, I was over to Gwildor and Trikie‘s place for dinner and Settlers of Catan. We had some very nice Chinese food and 3 games of Settlers. Trikie was thinknig we could play 3 games and each win 1, but Gwildor won the last one … and had I been able to get one more turn in, I would’ve won it. Bastard!