Facing the Tribunal

Following on the heels of Gwildor‘s interview, I had an interview last night after work. I fer sher thought it went kinda badly, but it turns out it went pretty well, sorta, in a way. There was 3 dudes in the interview and I was warned about the most important dude and that he would be hard to read. As I told Cyon, I thought he was annoyed with me more than anything. The other 2 dudes were pretty cool, the main question-askin’ dude fully reminded me of Kevin Smith!

So, I talked to the recruiter today and she said things were cool and that I was high in the short list. Excellent! I told her I was a little worried that they’d come back to her wondering why she hooked them up with a dud like me, but she reassured me that they liked me. Wicked! Can’t wait to hear!