Falling behind

Alright, so downloading TV is a lot of fun and means I get a lot of wicked shows without commercials that I can watch any time I like, but it means being a day or two behind and fighting with network schedules to find out whether a new show actually aired. So lately, I just search every now and again for the shows that I think should have aired within the last few days and see what I get. But then when I see the shows, everything new about them is already old. “Hey, Big Cracker, did you see last night’s Lost?” “No, but it’s downloading right now!” “Hey, Big Cracker, that Earl is friggin’ HI-larious!” “Ummm, yeah, well, I haven’t found the torrent yet.”

So, anyway, I finally managed to track down and watch this week’s CSI:NY with a cool ending resulting in finding some incredible website. Of course, being the web-geek that I am, I have to do a Google search for the site, What do I find, first that nobody thought it all that cool, but that it’s just a commercial. Pbththth! Although I kinda like Kid Rock.