First Date Perceptions

DatingI had originally titled this post First Date Misconceptions, because I felt that I had misread what was going on, but after a few hours of thought, I think it’s alright.

It also wasn’t really a first date, more of a short meeting for drinks to talk and get to know each other. Hopefully, a first date will be forthcoming.

I had misgivings about the success of the evening because it ended awkwardly: a hearty handshake and a comment about introducing me to her friend. But it also ended with the agreement that I have her number and that her band has a gig next week that I should consider attending.

We had, in my opinion, a great conversation about manufacturing processes, the appalling state of public transit in our city, music, books, movies, art, the disappointment of selling your business and seeing it run poorly, quite the gamut. We also stayed through a couple of opportunities to end things earlier, and stayed very late, considering I had to work this morning. It felt pretty good.

Whatever awkwardness existed at the end, I will attribute it to a first meeting, will hope for the best, and do what I can to see that it doesn’t end there.