Four-way Stop

I should have posted something Friday when it happened and I was still enraged. It would have been full of profanity and somewhat rambling. But I feel better now.

I was coming home on my bike and stopped at a four-way stop. An SUV on my left was just coming to a stop and an oncoming car was making a left turn in front of me. The SUV had been at the intersection first, so I waited for him to go. He didn’t go. I waved him through. He honked. I muttered some profanity about him getting his ass in gear. After an undue length of time, he finally went, and in the process yelled at me that he wasn’t honking at me.

At this point, I really have no idea what was going on. The driver either didn’t know how to use a four-way stop, didn’t know how to use his horn, didn’t know how to be a conscientious and courteous driver, or some combination of these. In any case, I can’t imagine what he was honking at, if not me, nor why he remained stopped, if not for me, but could only be explained by the honking. Idiots.