Free music that makes money?

“Holy crap, Big Cracker, two posts in one day!” Yes, I know, it’s amazing, especially after months of silence. Quite obviously, I’ve been surfing the web all day. Well, not really, but it kind of feels that way.

Anywho, I found this article on Techdirt (another of my RSS feeds) about a dude who makes a solid living giving away his music for free and selling his concert tickets at an inexpensive price. Now, I’m not saying that every musician can make a killing putting out good music for free, but obviously the model can work.

It just reinforces my thought that standard mass-appeal music is a vicious cycle: the record labels put out the kind of music they think people want and people buy the kind of music being put out, making it popular. And because it’s popular, it must be good, right?