Go, Big Cracker, go!

So I think a very attractive woman was sort of flirting with me on the subway on my way home from work. It was just idle chit-chat, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that there was absolutely no reason for her to talk to me at all. The reason it took me so long to figure it out, is ’cause I’ve had someone flirt with me maybe four times in my life, and never a complete stranger and never on the subway.

I was reading the second-last chapter of Harry Potter 7 and she asked me if it was any good. Yes, I told her, it was my second time reading the book. And, in fact, I’d pretty much re-read the other six prior to getting the new one. She told me how she’s stuck at about the first 100 pages of Harry Potter 5; how she doesn’t want to cheat and see the movie, since it probably wrecks the story; how she just got into Sudokus recently and the one she was working on had stumped her (I felt compelled to point out a mistake she’d made); and how she was living in Vietnam for the last seven months with a boyfriend who was an ass and how she’s left him and moved back to T.O. and got a new job in North York that’s too far away from her new apartment in The Beach. Plus, she had a wicked tattoo wrapped around her upper arm: a large flower centred on the outside of her bicep with a vine and smaller flowers stretching around.

Anyway, a missed opportunity for the Big Cracker!