Gwildor’s Big Day

Last night was the big man’s wedding! Gwildor and Trikie tied the knot in a short, tear-filled ceremony. In Gwildor fashion, it was presided over by a jolly little elf, Rev. Leslie. She kept smiling with these little, squinty eyes that made me laugh every time. It was also a meeting of bloggers: people who only know each other by blog handle finally met face to face and learned names; Wublub, SmokeyB, Gwildor and the Big Cracker! (Yeah, sorry, you won’t learn names … I make every effort to refrain from naming names on this site, mostly to avoid the litigation I know you people would bring!)

Although there was some concern about my ability to pick up and deliver the flowers, it worked out exactly as expected. There was also some concern about the weather. The forecast was for rain, but it didn’t rain until well into the evening, after all the outdoor festivities were concluded.

The speeches were very good, short and sweet for the most part. Gwildor’s brother … hmmm, let’s call him JC, although I know he has a better handle than that, left over from D&D days … made a fine speech that brought a tear to my eye, and Gwildor’s and a lot of other people’s. Gwildor and Trikie’s combined effort was a solid tear-jerker, airing all kinds of past issues and new hopes.

And then came the dancing and the drinking! JC was drinking up a storm, as were many others, and the dance floor was full most of the night. Plenty of off-key singing definitely made for a fun atmosphere and all those who arrived as strangers left as friends. And, of course, in such a gathering, someone has to suggest that they have a female friend in whom I might be interested … Thanks to JC’s wife SA.