Helpful hints

One more time and I promise not to whinge about people’s idiotic behaviour.

  1. When exiting an elevator, walking through a doorway or disembarking an escalator, continue to walk for several steps to ensure the people behind you are also able to exit, walk or disembark.
  2. When on a bus, streetcar or subway train, either sit down or move as far from the ingress as humanly possible.
    • Corollary: Unless you know that you’re exiting the vehicle within the next 2 stops (on a subway train) or 4 stops (on a bus or streetcar), do not stand in front of the egress.
  3. When using an escalator, stand on the right and walk on the left.
    • I know this is not common knowledge, but it is common sense: faster vehicles pass slower vehicles on the left and slower vehicles should stay to the right.

I’m sure I have more helpful hints, and I will update this post as they come up, but otherwise I will refrain from mentioning people’s idiotic behaviour any more.