Whoa! Pushin’ 3 months since I’ve written anything here, and I wish I had a good reason! I’ve generally been wasting my time on Facebook, and Workopolis. I say “wasting”, because I’m still unemployed and while I’m enjoying playing Dungeons & Dragons: Tiny Adventures on Facebook, Monster and Workopolis have yielded nothing. I’ve sent my resumé to a few people, as suggested, as well as to a few other places unsolicited. I’ve had one weird pre-interview that resulted in nothing.

My experience this time ’round (as opposed to summer 2001) has been more positive. I have more available savings, an affordable place to live and fewer expenses, giving me a lot more time to find what I want and not just fire out resumés and applications willy-nilly.

I have been doing some work. h! has asked for some serious updates to his website; I’ve been working on them since the summer. If we’re lucky (which I think we’ll be) they’ll be ready by the new year. I also have some updates to my professional site that I’m working on, as well as crackerMail (I have a list of emails from people asking for updates, so I figure I should get on them). I’m also trying to build an expense tracking system for my sister and I to help with household expenses; I’ve got some nice wireframes and databases put together, but there’s some logic and database relationships that elude me. I’ve also been working on some design updates for a few other websites, but nothing that pays any money just yet.

Wish me luck! And I’m glad to be back!