Holy Overtime, Batman!

Just to let everybody know, I’m going to be super-duper busy for the next few weeks. The stupid company I work for has me on a project that involves ridiculous amounts of work over and above my regular work. “No worries, R__ can take over some of your regular work.” Except, unfortunately (and with my sincerest condolences), R__\_’s father passed away and R____ will be in Poland for the next few weeks dealing with it. “No worries, K_ will do all the design work.” Thanks, but that then puts me a week behind in getting started. And he’s only doing 5 out of the 18 screens. And then I get to work with someone else’s code.

I guess the silver lining is that it’s a bucket load of overtime. And I’m going to need the money when I quit my job and move back to Saskatoon. (Oops, did I say that out loud?)

I know it’s not a good idea to discuss my stupid employer in a public forum, but I don’t think the people reading this will really care. (Some of them are probably in full agreement!)