Hooray for the internet!

Man, it’s so nice to have the internet back in my house. I’m not so concerned about having a working phone, but I can’t live without the internet. If only to download all the TV that I miss by not having cable. My landlord said he’s completely switched over from Bell to Rogers, but I also know that Gwildor, although he has all of his services through Rogers, isn’t impressed with them.

So I’m torn. I’m happy with my very fast and unlimited-bandwidth Bell connection: it doesn’t block my bittorrent downloads or throttle my bandwidth at any point. But the home phone service is very expensive and adding on long distance makes it twice as expensive. I’m wary of moving my phone over to Vonage, since if I lose my internet connection, I don’t have a phone. I’m not too keen on Rogers, but I could probably get a decent bundled package of internet, home phone and cable.

Any ideas?