House guests

Fun times. This was my second house guest since I moved to the new apartment over a year ago. Juicy is in town for some MBA recruiting (interviews and interviews for the whole week; good luck to her). While it’s a bit of a challenge, it’s a good opportunity to tidy up my house and use my “guest linen”. I’ve got boxes and boxes of crap I need to get rid of, so I just dumped them all in the back bedroom, with enough room to get to the computer. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, but I didn’t get all the vacuuming done. And Juicy had some issues with the lack of food in my fridge. I didn’t happen to mention that I go shopping about twice a week, and there’s only me in my house. We had a good visit, we went for some dinner and then just hung out and shot the shit. Juicy’s got some wild stuff going on with her MBA. I’m surprised that it’s as versatile as it seems. Maybe I’ll start thinking about it again.