Hurray for feet!

Whew, it was close, but General Bloodglutton had some special healing powder that re-attached my foot. Also, the whole group of us are wicked famous now for capturing Black Jaguar. The Grand Revered Speaker, Great Snarler, had a giant hate on for Black Jaguar and we allowed him to exact revenge, of a sort. We also returned a golden medallion that BJ stole from Great Snarler’s son. Since we’re so humble, we would accept no reward, which only made us more honourable. We all got super-duper experience points for our adventure and behaviour.

In other news … ummm … sorry, no other news, just the dorkitude of D&D. And an apology to my other adventuring companions, Beldak Dagarkin, Dwarf fighter, still lives on in the pages of a v.3.5 character sheet, so he can return to the adventure any time!