I saw a movie … and I’m telling you!!

Holy crap, Batman!! Big Cracker wrote a review for a movie! That only took 9 months!

Yes, it’s true. There’s a review for The River King which is set to be released sometime in the next month or two. I happened to see it ’cause I was in the right place at the right time. I got a free pass when I went to see The Brothers Grimm on the weekend. There were a few people handing out something when I walked to the escalators and there was a dude at the top of the escalator, so I went to see what he was flogging (a dead horse was the first thing I thought of).

I love free stuff, but what is it that makes other people complain about them? The people in line behind me wouldn’t shut up! “Oh, do we have to wait in line? I don’t want to wait in line!” You just saved $30 to come to a movie that nobody else has seen, or will see for another little while, be happy about that! “Oh, we have to fill in a survey to tell them what we thought, what a pain in the ass!” Yeah, why else do you think they were giving away free tickets? Just to get more people into theatres this summer? God damn!! “It better not be a horror movie, I hate horror movies!!” Why didn’t you ask what kind of movie it is before taking the free ticket? Or why didn’t you check it out online before making use of the free ticket? What is wrong with these people?