It’s turkey time!

Whoop-a-dee-doo! It’s Thanksgiving!

I went out to visit people in London (ON), and I feel guilty, because I didn’t visit everyone I should have. I intended to head out to the Hammer to visit an old friend, and visit my cousins and my great-aunt, as well. But I was too lazy to call and organize anything, and I didn’t want to stress-out my 86-year-old, post-polio aunt by just popping in.

I did manage an excellent dinner with my friend, Juicy, who’s at Western for her MBA. and her husband, JPuddle, and 1-year-old daughter, GW. Her mom and dad were in from Saskamatoon and her mom made the turkey. Delicious.

Then I spent the rest of the weekend hangin’ with my uncle and aunt. We had brunch, went for a stroll down to Sifton Bog, a beautiful wild area within London and ate chicken, instead of turkey. Delicious all the same.

And my internet at home has been down since last Thursday, so the crackerMail development has slowed considerably. And I’m losing my mind, because I can’t download new TV shows (namely episode 1 of My Name is Earl) and I can’t use IMDB to figure out who’s who in the few remaining downloaded shows I haven’t seen.