Kick-Ass - poster

So I finally managed to watch the movie Kick-Ass the other day, and I can understand why it didn’t do well in theatres. It tried to be too much. Now I never read the comic book, so maybe it’s very true to its source, but I doubt it.

We start off with a comic book nerd who decides to buy a costume online and become a superhero; good times. But then we’re introduced to a real, Batman-esque superhero (i.e., a regular dude with cool gadgets), who willingly, and maybe purposefully, kills his enemies. These two pieces don’t fit for me.

But the story requires the mistaken identity plot line to introduce and further a second comic book nerd’s supervillain. I suppose the two comic book nerds are mentored and mirrored by the actual superhero and villain, but it doesn’t ring true for me. It takes a comic, light-hearted premise and makes it dark and serious.

Plus, I’m not sure I approve of a 12-year-old girl chopping people’s legs off or shooting them between the eyes.

It was a good movie, but the transition from teen comic book romance to dark pulp gangster killfest was a little jarring. 7 out of 10 saltines.