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(February 27, 2012 – Toronto, ON) – After a 5-year whirlwind of tours through 11 countries, shared stages with some of contemporary music’s great talents, and a personal life that has held its share of highs and lows, Taiwanese-Canadian emcee/producer/turntablist LEO37 has finally emerged with his brand new EP, FANFARE.  Produced entirely by Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist, John Poon, this record, though brief, demonstrates a LEO37 who, lyrically, has never sounded more comfortable or confident.  Marrying poignant, vivid lyrics and a highly stylized sense of cadence with a sonic mélange of analog and digital textures, this duo, during a time when everything has been done before has somehow created something altogether fresh.  

Intentionally featuring a limited cast of guests (Lillian Chan/Vocals – You & The Nite and Tim Shia/Drums – Fire Dance, Footwork & Fanfare) and album art from award-winning animator/illustrator, Howie Shia, FANFARE is available now!


2012 年 2 月 27 日-多倫多

五年的時間,以旋風式的旅遊了 11 個國家,



台裔加拿大饒舌歌手/製作人/唱盤演奏家 LEO37

剛發表了他全新的 EP,整張製作來自多倫多的樂手 John Poon,而且在極短暫的時間內完成,整張專輯表現出 LEO37 的狂熱,以及擁有從未聽見的自信與豐富情感,傷感中帶有高度格調與生動節奏的抒情詩韻,混合了類比與數位的構成,當這兩種組合交融之前,卻奇蹟似地創造出完全新穎的作品。

專輯陣容並找來 Lillian Chan/歌手 “You & The Nite”

跟 Tim Shia/鼓手”Fire Dance, Footwork & Fanfare”

以及專輯藝術設計來自卡通插圖設計獎得主 Howie Shia 等人跨刀。