One quick tip for everybody: if you’re in line, make sure you look like you’re in line. I was down to Alternative Grounds after a quick stop at Pollock’s hardware store and I ended taking some dude’s coffee. He looked like he was in line for the cashier, but not quite, so I asked, “Are you in line?” “No, I’m waiting.” He didn’t happen to mention just what it was he was waiting for. I placed my order, then I sidled over to the counter where the barista serves the coffee and waited for my single, non-fat latte. “Are you waiting for a single latte?” the lovely barista asked. “Indeed I am,” I responded. She handed me my coffee and thanked me for my business. (okay, maybe not quite, but something similarly welcoming.) As I took my first delicious sip of the life-giving beverage, I overheard the poor sap who was “waiting” say something about how he was waiting for his single, non-fat latte. Okay, schmuck, could you have made it any less obvious what you were doing? He was just standing around. Not ordering and not in the “pick-up” area. I would say that we shouldn’t need signs all over the place telling us what to do, but obviously that’s the only way people really know.