So I just finished an article on using Ubuntu Linux and it’s almost swayed me to look at all the software I use and see if there’s a Linux solution. For my main, everyday computer, I surf the web, check e-mail and listen to music, with a little word processing, spreadsheeting and web development thrown in. Of all of that, nothing is unsupported by Ubuntu. I do a little bit of Photoshop, but I could always use GIMP or Photoshop on my laptop. And I like to convert word-processed documents to PDF, but OpenOffice has the same capability. The reviewer said he had major difficulties with games, but I’m not a huge gamer, so I’m not too concerned. (If anything, I have a Win2K machine for games that hasn’t let me down yet.) Final word: I’m going to look into it. I can test it out using a LiveCD, so I’ll let you know how it works out.