Little Miss Higgins

I managed to get out to see Little Miss Higgins last night at Amigo’s. The crowd was small, but definitely enthusiastic, so I think it worked out. She was selling CDs and offering to sign them, but at $20 for one or $30 for two, being unemployed, I couldn’t afford it. 🙁

Anyhoo, what a great show. She even got some solid audience partcipation during the reprise of the brand new Bargain Shop Panties and during another tune, whose name escapes me.

I noted within the first few tunes that the country blues she plays would go well with the Rosebuds Wild West Show tonight and tomorrow (sold out, sorry, I don’t get to go either). Little Miss Higgins’ music’s a little bit raunchy, honky tonk and super fun. Next time she comes your way, give her a listen!