Live 8 day

So, yesterday was Canada Day … I hope everyone had a great day off, enjoyed the fabulous weather here in T.O. and hopefully it was equally spectacular everywhere else!! I was down to the Harbourfront for Feist and Spookey Ruben, and the [crappy] fireworks. In the crowd were Daryn Jones and [I’m pretty sure] this girl I’ve seen in a lot of commercials (I couldn’t find a link for her).

Today is Live 8 day!! Here’s what I’m supposed to tell you guys about making poverty history:

“Today, I became part of an unprecedented global call to action to end poverty: Make Poverty History

Right now, there is active campaigning in over 50 countries around the three core demands: More and Better Aid, Make Trade Fair, and Cancel the Debt. In Canada, we’re also campaigning to End Child Poverty in Canada.

You’ve just got to be a part of this campaign.

Go to and sign on to the campaign yourself.

There is no time to lose. It doesn’t matter who or where you are, your voice is critical to the success of this campaign. This is a rare chance to join me and thousands of others across the planet to once and for all make poverty history.

What are you waiting for? Join me and click in!

I also advocate the [very old idea of] revaluation of IMF gold reserves to reduce Third World debt.

I know you guys are vaguely politcally aware … Get on board!! Plus, I’m ordering up some white bands, posters and stickers … First come, first served … Let me know what you want.