Long time!

Wow! It’s been well over a month since the last post. And the last 6 that appear in the home page date back into March—pretty sad.

Now that it’s official at work, I’ll let you in on my secret: I’m moving to Saskatoon! I know some of you are sad (like I am, slightly) and some of you are happy (like I am, mostly). I bought a house with my sister, so now I’ll have my niece to play Guitar Hero with me, oh and a place to live. I don’t have a job yet, but given the cooking economy in Saskatchewan I’ll be fine.

Well, I don’t really mean the “cooking” economy, it’s not like I plan to be a chef. I mean that the economy is strong and growing. How that translates to cooking I’m not sure, but it’s a common colloquialism that expected you to understand. Anywho, the economy’s good, so I’ll prosper, I’m sure.

I think I may just find something part-time or evenings and weekends while I look for what I actually want and build up my web development and technical writing portfolio. Hey, whatever, we’ll see what happens.