Looking for work

I’m still looking for work! Because many of you are in or around Saskatoon and many of the rest of you have family or other connections in or around Saskatoon, if you hear about anyone looking for someone with my considerable talents, I’d be grateful to hear about it.

I’m a technical writer and web developer. You can check out my professional website to get a similar description and see my portfolio and resumé.

As a technical writer, I write and edit procedural, how-to documents. Right now, my focus is on computer software and hardware and, for a change of pace, financial services processes. In planning the documentation, I perform an audience analysis to determine for whom I’m writing and then create an overview of the necessary procedures, which roughly translates into the document’s table of contents. Once the preliminary planning is complete, I’ll work with subject matter experts to develop the appropriate content. I employ principles of project management to ensure that my part of the project is on track and on schedule with any other related work.

As a web developer, I create websites and web applications for any number of people and organizations. My focus is on the functionality of the site and not the design. I prefer to work from a specific design and develop the necessary functionality and usability. I’m much more capable of making a website perform as intended than I am at making it look pretty. While I designed my own websites, including creating all the necessary graphics, I prefer to have the design provided for me.

To clear up a few misunderstandings, while I like computers and can generally make them do what I want and fix them when they break, that’s not what I’m looking to do. I’m not a computer programmer, in that I don’t write programs for computers, but I do write programs for websites. I’ve done technical support over the phone and I cannot do it again. I don’t do sales, other than maybe to sell my own services, but if there’s a sales component to the work, I can’t do it.

If you hear of anything, let me know!