Make It Important



If it’s important to you, then make it important. If you ask me for something and never follow up, then it’s no longer important. If you agree to do something (even just for yourself) and never do it, it’s not important.

If you’ve asked me for something, then expect it to be done in a reasonable amount of time. If it’s not done, follow up and make it important again. If I ask for feedback, provide it in a reasonable amount of time, otherwise it’s no longer important.

If I have asked you for something important, then make it important to yourself. If you ask for help or feedback, I know it’s still important. If I don’t provide you with help or feedback, then you know that it’s no longer important and you can move on to things that are.

Now you may think that I’m telling you to shift the blame for things not getting done, and I am. I believe that we all believe that we’re busy and tired, so the only things that we can reasonably expect to get done are the important things. The things that we already know to be important, and the things that others have made important to us. Everything else becomes irrelevant, when it ceases to be important.