Merry Christmas!

Not much done today, except to fart around on the computer. The Xmas parcels from Daddy-o and from my sister have not yet arrived, so nothing to open, except the prezzies from Santa and Mommy. I got a beautiful framed print of Pic Island by Lawren S. Harris that I put up over my couch in my living room. With that and my newly re-upholstered chair of destiny (more later), I think it might be time to start growing up. I was thinking about watching a good Christmas movie about the birth of the Saviour, but now there’s not enough time to get through the Matrix before I shower and head over to T&T’s for dinner.

I spent my day playing with MySpace, what a pain. The underlying HTML and CSS is so badly written, it’s almost impossible to build a decent site.

Oh well, Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!