More whingeing

Sorry, I just have to add these 2 other stories, ’cause they make me laugh. One of the women here was supposed to be on a conference call at 11am, but the organizer never opened the call, so she was left on hold for 20 minutes. Why she felt the need to remain on hold the whole time, I don’t know. Anyway, it turns out there was a fire alarm in the organizer’s building right when she was supposed to set-up the conference call. What was my colleagues response, “But why didn’t they tell me?” Uhh, when was that supposed to happen, while they were running downstairs in a flaming panic?

It reminds of something that happened when I was a doorman in Banff. A woman came outside looknig for a particular tour bus. The bus was scheduled to leave, and indeed left, about 5 minutes before. “I’m sorry, that bus already left.” “But why didn’t he wait for me?” “Do you have a ticket?” “No.” Alrighty, so how would the driver have known you were coming? Duh.