NaNoWriMo 2012 – Day 5

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s a second murder (will there be more?) and McGill interviews a woman who had been walking her dog.

McGill didn’t care for questioning older people at crime scenes. They weren’t very reliable, tending to wander off-topic too often. This particular witness was well into her 80s and more concerned about her poor West Highland terrier than the fact that they’d both — yes, her and the dog — had seen a dead body. She hoped her poor baby wouldn’t be scarred by the event.

The woman had been walking the dog along the boardwalk, away from the same parking lot in which the two lovers had parked. At first she thought it was someone lying on the beach, but it was pretty cool out and the beach was otherwise deserted. As she got closer, she noticed the seaweed covering the person, and that there was no towel, and that she — the person on the beach was female — was naked.

Even though it was his day off, McGill had been called to the crime scene: the situation was all too similar to last week’s dead body on the beach.

Again a blonde-haired, blue-eyed female in her 20s with no obvious trauma had apparently washed up on the beach as the tide went out. This time, McGill had called into the harbour master on the way to the scene. The tide would have gone out a little more than an hour before.