Not so funny

Obviously no one was impressed with the funny video about how the Easter Bunny hates you… I thought it was pretty funny. That’s maybe something I need to work on … that maybe I find the wrong things funny. My sister didn’t even think the “I peed in your cup” was funny. I took it as a certain amount of self-deprecating humour, because I drink a ridiculous amount of Tim’s coffee. Oh well, I’ll survive.

I got some excellent work done on the ol’ website, because LEO37 and the Worst Pop Band Ever have new albums coming out. In fact, WPBE has their CD release tomorrow night at the Rex… come on out!

The Western Cities Conference website that Big Gwilly and I are contracted to do is pretty much finished for now, with some updates coming later. I have to work out some cron job issues to get it running optimally. (And some search engine optimization couldn’t hurt either.) It sure would be nice being able to do stuff like that full-time; I’m getting a little tired of being micro-managed. Plus then I might actually be able to solve the creative block I have with another site I’m trying to build.