Old school LEGO time!

Man, I just found the sweetest website! Gwildor mentioned the other day something about finding old LEGO™ instructions on the interweb. I can’t recall if he mentioned where he found them, but I went googling and found them! Now I have to go back to my dad’s garage and pull all my LEGO out!

Some of my favourites:

Funny story about the X-1 patrol craft: I was 6 years old and took the bus to the mall. (Fully sanctioned by my parents. We did things like that back in those days. My sister took the bus to kindergarten by herself and had to transfer downtown!) Anywho, I was rushing to the bus to get home with my X-1 patrol craft (bought with my own Xmas money) and I slipped and fell and cut my lip. It was bleeding like crazy, but a nice woman on the bus gave me some scrap of paper to stop the bleeding. When I got home my sister (2 years older than me) took me to the walk-in clinic and I got 2 or 3 stitches in my lip. Maybe the story’s not so funny, but an interesting experience for a 6-year-old.