One comment

What? Saturday already? Where did the week go? I haven’t gotten hardly anything done on my Big List of Stuff, and I don’t have a new job, yet. What is going on?

I really only have 1 comment to make: People are stupid. Not you guys, per se, but people in general. I read this article on the – Arts web site. Why do people put things in context when they don’t need to be, and take them out of context when the context is the most important part? The article talks about Team America: World Police and how it “mocked the war on terrorism”. No offence, critics, it’s a comedy using puppets. It no more mocks the war on terrorism than do James Bond and Austin Powers. By putting this movie in context with current events gives it undue credibility. This is not a frank discussion on the reality of the so-called war on terrorism, it’s a comedy using puppets.

I will juxtapose this with discussions I heard regarding the September 11 terrorist attacks. I know some of you will disagree with me, but hear me out. The discussions I heard very specifically took the events out of the context of U.S. foreign policy and the imperial undertones thereof. If anything, the question should have been: Why would someone do this?; not: How can we kick these bastards asses for something completely undeserved? Terrorists don’t cause terror for no reason, they have a point to make. It is up to world leaders (such as they may be) to figure out what the point is and act accordingly.

Phew! Well, happy Saturday!