Out to play

h! convinced me to go see a play last night. It’s called Garden and is part of the Summerworks theatre festival. h!’s friend Maev played the female lead, Diane. He was a little concerned that the “sexual content” and simulated sex scenes might involve nudity, but we were spared, for the most part. Diane’s husband, Jack, ends up in his jockey’s at the end, and it would have been classier had they actually been tighty-whiteys, or Homers as I’ve heard them called. But they were standard issue red Hanes’; decent, but not theatrical. An interesting story, excellent acting, some humourous dialogue and intriguing scenes. Well worth the $10.

I’ll probably try to catch Other Places tonight, because the young woman handing out the flyers yesterday was rather attractive. Yup, that’s sometimes all it takes.