Pouring rain

Holy monkey nuts! Was it already a week ago that I posted last? What the heck have I been doing? No, really … what the heck have I been doing .. ? It’s almost the end of April and I have been wasting my life! Well, maybe not so much … I’ve been riding my bike to work. Not today, mind you, since it’s pouring rain and I don’t feel confident trying to ride my bike and hold my umbrella at the same time … And I’ve got crackerMail v1.0.1 RC2 almost ready to go. I’m running it for myself right now, to make sure there’s nothing massively wrong, and that the changes I wanted to make are actually made. It’s kinda funny, at the same time I’m building v1.1, I’m also working on v2.0. One of the guys at work wants a whole bunch of new features, plus Gwildor‘s looking for some other updates too.

I’m so bad .. I buy a bunch of groceries, then I never end up bringing a lunch to work. I brought one yesterday, but then had some errands to run at lunch time, so I ended up at the Dub. Mmm … Mozza burger! And today … no lunch, went for Chinese. Bad!