Relationship woes

I rarely talk about this stuff, because it has (unfortunately) a low priority for me, but I’m having some challenges understanding my current failure establishing a relationship with a young woman and I’m asking for a little help.

I’ll start at the beginning, and a few of you may recognize the young woman in question from my story. I met this young woman (let’s call her Beatrice) at a Christmas party, but only briefly and at the end of the evening. However, when introduced, she was accompanied by a young man, so I didn’t consider pursuing anything.

Beatrice came into the Starbucks a few months later and, terribly unfortunately, I didn’t recognize her at all. I remembered a story I’d been told about her, so we discussed that. However, the entire time I was trying to figure out why I didn’t recognize and identify a memorable feature by which to recognize her later. To be honest, she could’ve come into the store a million times after that and I probably wouldn’t have recognized her!

Last month, we met again at a Great Western beer night and (in my opinion) we hit it off. I didn’t ask for her phone number then, but I got it from a mutual friend and called her a few days later. I ended up leaving a message, and just said I’d be interested in a drink or coffee sometime and for her to call me back. No call. I called again a few days later and left roughly the same message. Again, nothing. I wrote it off as me misreading whatever signals and figuratively walked away.

About two weeks after the second call, she showed up in the Starbucks again. (Rather fortuitous, because it was a different Starbucks location and I’d been reassigned just the day before.) She apologized for not calling, said she was still interested and told me to text her, because she wasn’t much for the phone or voice-mail.

I texted her the next morning, suggesting coffee or drinks that weekend or later in the week. No response. I texted her again the other day suggesting coffee the following day or today, and still no response.

So, is she in fact still interested as she said and should I be patient? Or is there nothing there and I should just let it pass?