Sandwich Fail

I suppose I could have mentioned this Friday after lunch, when I developed my opinion, but I haven’t posted here much lately and kinda forgot it was an option.

I popped into Subway for a quick, slightly healthy, sandwich Friday and thought I made a pretty good choice:a ham sandwich on flatbread, with lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumumbumbers, onions, pickles, mustard, mayo, cheddar cheese, and pepper.

Sounds pretty good, right? As my sister loves to hear me say, yes and no. The sandwich was pretty tasty; the construction was pretty flimsy.

The bread is a square of flatbread that gets folded over to make the sandwich. The bread was a little dry, so when it was folded, it just broke in half. The problem is that all the ingredients were loaded more heavily on the open side, so when it broke, the sandwich was lopsided. It also lacked the necessary structure to hold all the ingredients properly, so they fell out, making a nice salad in the wrapper, but not a sandwich.

Subway sandwich on flatbread? Fail. 🙁 Stick with the buns.

He he .. he said buns.