Saskatoon Blades!

Alrighty, so I’m going to completely rephrase an e-mail that was sent to me so that it makes sense:

A friend of mine has a friend in Saskatoon; we’ll call the friend, Lee. (We’ll call him, Friendly?) For a contest sponsored by the Saskatoon Blades, Lee’s child submitted a design for a goalie mask and has been selected as a finalist.

The winner of the contest will have the design printed on a goalie mask. The mask will then be worn by one of the Saskatoon Blades’ goalies in a future hockey game. After the game, the mask will be autographed by the goalie and awarded to the artist. If all goes well and Lee’s child wins, the child will receive the goalie mask printed with his design.

Yes, clarity requires many words. In any case, please visit the Saskatoon Blades website and vote on Mask #2.

For reference, here’s the e-mail I received (font sizes intact):

Can you do me a favour? Take 3 seconds to vote on this.
A friend of mine
(Lee ) in Saskatoon, his kid is a finalist for a mask design on a Blades(the hockey team) goalie mask.  Go here and vote for mask #2 in the Blades Poll!

The winner will have his design put  on a mask and worn in a future game, then given back to the artist which is the kid.