Taking pictures

I’m going to apologize right away, because this is a blog pretty much for the sake of a blog. I really don’t have much to say. I was out and about all afternoon Saturday, traipsing across the city with Trikie and Gwildor and their friend K. We were taking pictures, I believe, for the Trikie/Gwildor wedding website, currently under construction. We were up to Casa Loma, down to the waterfront, then across most of downtown to all the little ‘parkette’s’ littering the downtown core. We had a nice dinner at Wallymagoo’s Marinebar while we were on the waterfront. So that was my weekend … I remember getting up at a decent hour Sunday, I did some stuff, it was 11:45am, I did some more stuff, it was 2:45 … I had wanted to go to a matinée movie, but at 3pm I still hadn’t had a shower, nor done the laundry I had intended to do… oh, well, next time.

I have every intention of getting the login stuff up and running this week … yeah, whatever … no, really, I really think I can get it done. And once I get that working, I’ll add an option for email, ’cause I’m this close (*holds index finger and thumb close together*) to getting the Delete and Send options working. Then I’ve got an address book and calendar to build (which I know already exist and I could just download, but I’m gonna build my own), build a way to save emails and automatically delete them from the email server, and implement my OpenDB CD database… it’ll be fun, and cool if I ever get it all working.