Telephone, Email, Calendar, Tasks, Books, Music

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With the iPad having sold over 3 million units, a new Kindle coming out, an Android tablet coming out, and Saskatchewan finally getting 3G+ coverage, I’m excited to have all kinds of gadget options available to me. But what do I want?

I definitely want telephone, text message, and email capability, and all the smarty-phones have those. But what about calendar, tasks, and contacts that can sync to Google and Remember the Milk? And then I need to listen to music, read ebooks, and take halfway decent on-the-go pictures.

Oh yeah, and smaller than a regular 200-300 page paperback. With headphones that let me listen to music, alert me to an incoming phone call, and then let me take the call.

Does such a device exist? Will it ever? And will it cost me an arm and a leg?