The Israel-Lebanon folderol

Alrighty, Big Cracker’s gonna briefly weigh in on the bullshit nonsense that is occurring in Israel and Lebanon. I don’t want to sound anti-Semitic, my issue is not with Jews, but with the state of Israel. While the distinction may not be completely obvious, my problem is with Israel as a sovereign nation displaying deliberate aggression against another sovereign nation for its own gains. The UN created the state of Israel in 1948 by partitioning British Palestine. Unfortunately, the Palestinians already lived there. There’s a shitload of history that I’m leaving out, but suffice it to say, the UN created the state of Israel and the Israeli government has proceeded to invade and generally display aggression towards every other bordering country. In my opinion, since Israel can’t play nice, the UN should take away its toys. This was brought on by some news articles I happened to catch today: